Tour our campus at No Limits Academy

As well as our sister company, Ability Plus Therapy. Using the latest innovative, validated, and medically based therapies through Ability Plus Therapy and advanced technologies in the classroom setting, the No Limits Academy team approach yields greater independence physically and academically. This translates into measurable improvement in the student’s daily life and future.


No Limits Academy is located on the east coast, which is also called the space coast in Central Florida. We are a growing and thriving community that meets the needs of our disability community in such an amazing way. Brevard is clearly becoming a place where children with disabilities are not only welcomed but loved, included, and nurtured to succeed. 

Ability Plus Therapy is a state of the art facility specializing in innovative rehabilitation and pediatrics. We offer unparalleled service and a team of highly trained therapists and team members. 

We welcome you to tour our campus and join our mission.