Who We Are  

Ability Plus Therapy is a pediatric therapy center located in Melbourne, Florida. We specialize in innovative habilitation and rehabilitation in pediatrics, and we are the second clinic in the country to offer intensive pediatric therapy.

By creating an environment where children with complex physical disabilities can learn and thrive, we empower new hope for what they can accomplish. Our methodology provides each patient with a personalized program – combined with the use of innovative equipment, highly trained therapists, and a friendly and caring environment – that empowers them to conquer their goals.

Who We Treat 

Ability Plus Therapy provides optimal care for children with wide-ranging diagnoses and conditions including mild developmental delays and more complex neurological and sensory disorders.

"We are creating an educational change with a seamless collaboration with our sister company, Ability Plus Therapy, to provide a therapeutic and medically-based environment."

- Roberta Neves, PT, MSPT, C/NDT, Founder, Vice-President, Physical Therapist

Ability Plus Therapy provides services that transform the lives of patients.


We restore the body.

We connect the mind.

We nurture the spirit.