The methodology at No Limits Academy is transforming what children with disabilities can accomplish. Because of the No Limits Method®, our students increase cognition, communication, sensory processing, and motor abilities.

Our students are provided with the best environment possible for them to achieve academic success by boosting brain function. We merge education, neuroscience, and neurological rehabilitation to obtain peak performance and goal optimization.


Who We Educate

No Limits Academy provides innovative education to children with complex physical disabilities. No Limits Academy is unlike any other school in the country because we customize education for students with complex physical disabilities to increase their cognition. By creating an environment where students with complex physical disabilities can learn and thrive, we empower new hope for what children with disabilities can accomplish.


Each student receives a multi-disciplinary approach that creates an atmosphere for neuropathway rebuilding. The No Limits Methodology® is a proven tool that retrains a brain with any type of neurological disorder by expanding neuroplasticity.

Neurological Rehabilitation

A combination of muscle stimulation, cognitive circuit training, motor planning, and communication adaptations are provided for each student. Educators and licensed therapists create a collaborative mind and body experience.