How It All Started 

No Limits Academy, located in Melbourne, Florida, provides innovative education to students with complex physical disabilities. No Limits Academy was founded in 2008 by Laura Joslin and Roberta Neves. Laura, a mother of two sons with cerebral palsy, continuously observed schools that were unable to serve her children properly. Roberta, who had

previously worked in public schools, knew that medically-based therapy could bridge a gap between education and physical abilities. Together with their personal experience and professional expertise, No Limits Academy was established to create an opportunity for students with disabilities. 

Since its inception, many students have had the opportunity to graduate, become successful members within the community, and are now able to communicate with their families. No Limits Academy students exceed far beyond people’s perceptions of their abilities. Because of Laura and Roberta’s ministry, students now have hope for the future to learn, thrive, and excel.  

Who We Are Today

No Limits Academy provides an individually tailored, multi-disciplinary approach to the treatment and education of children with cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, and other physical disabilities. No Limits Academy is unlike any other school in the country because we customize education for children with complex physical disabilities to increase their cognition. Our methodology provides each student with high tech lesson plans, personalized educational adaptations, and physical modifications that empower them to conquer their goals.

What’s Next

The methodology at No Limits Academy – including our No Limits™ Method – is transforming what students with disabilities can accomplish. Yet, at the same time, we continue to find new ways to further revolutionize our approach. Here are some exciting examples of what’s next.

The No Limits Method 

Unlocking Brain Potential – An Educational Resource 

No Limits™ Method was developed due to the need to change education methodology for children with development delays. This methodology is comprised of research-based applications, ethical, and philosophical determinations. It is unlike any educational resource in the world as it is specifically

tailored to students who have physical disabilities and neurodiverse. Although, its applications have the ability to further benefit those students who are physically able and neurotypical. The No Limits™ Method will be provided on a virtual platform available to all instructors within typical classrooms and homeschool families. Deliverables offered include, but are not limited to: 

  • Digital Courses for Teachers: Instruction, applications, differentiation, etc.
  • Digital Courses for Home School Supports: Instruction, applications, differentiation, etc.
  • Digital Lesson Plan Models
  • Digital Lesson Videos
  • Resource Catalogue
  • Robust Virtual and In-Person Training
  • Consultation Services
  • Micro-credentialing courses
  • Certification and Teacher Credentialing

The No Limits Neurological Research Facility

The No Limits Neurological Research Facility is a 64,000 sq ft building that will revolutionize neural development through the integration of research, science, and education to empower individuals with disabilities with the freedom to thrive. Here are some examples of the positive impact the No Limits Neurological Research Facility is projected to have once it’s built:

  • New and innovative methods of treatment, therapy, and education
  • Quality of life improvement for over 6 million individuals within the United States living with physical disabilities
  • Comprehensive education reform
  • Rehabilitation for injured military service members and those with traumatic brain injuries
  • Increased economic stimulus 
  • A decrease in long term care funding for incapacitated individuals

"We believe that any child with a disability should be given the chance to succeed!"

- Roberta Neves, PT, MSPT, C/NDT, Founder, Vice-President, Physical Therapist

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