About Our Team

No Limits Academy employs a team of dedicated and compassionate individuals that believe in our mission. Coupled with a culture of unleashed potential, the team at No Limits Academy are proponents of change. Each classroom has a small ratio of no more than ten students with one teacher and two teacher assistants.

Licensed physical, occupational and speech therapists from No Limits Academy’s sister company, Ability Plus Therapy, treat and provide educationally and medically-based goals for each student. Students are further provided with positional equipment, adaptive modifications, and a plan for motor, sensory and cognitive growth stimulation. With collaborative instruction, training, and common mission, No Limits Academy, Ability Plus Therapy, and No Limits Method® work together to provide academic excellence for children with complex physical disabilities.

Meet Our Team Members

Laura Joslin | Founder, President, Author, Speaker, and Expert on Disability

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Roberta Neves, PT, MSPT, C/NDT | Founder, Vice-President, Physical Therapist

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Tonya McEver| Director of Administration & Faculty

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Cathy Bramlett | Therapeutic Educational Advisor

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Cris Carey | Director of Communication & Language Development

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Tally Foster | Director of Sensory Integration

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Brittany Wright | Chief of Administration

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Taybi McFadden | Executive Administrative Assistant

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Jared Leverington | Discovery Teacher

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Savannah Moffett | Explorers Teacher

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Sarah-Kate Koprowski | Voyagers Teacher

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Emily Chapman | Navigators Teacher

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Our Board of Directors 

President | Laura Joslin
No Limits Academy and Ability Plus Therapy 

Vice President, Secretary | Roberta Neves
No Limits Academy and Ability Plus Therapy 

Board Chair | Sherry Acanfora-Ruohomaki
K9 Kampus 

Treasurer | Lea Ann Sullivan
Self Employed CPA 

Board Member | Joseph Duda
Space Coast Living & Business Magazine

Board Member | Edward Andre
Frog Bones 

Board Member | David Ryan
JD Bowen Financial Group 

Board Member | Matthew Helmintoller
Legacy Angel Network

Our Community Partners

"I love No Limits Academy because I know children with cognitive and physical disabilities are able to succeed and reach their true potential."

- Laura Joslin, Founder, President, Author, Speaker and Expert on Disability

Photo of Laura Joslin with quote that says - Ability Plus Therapy provides services that transform the lives of patients.