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R – Rehabilitate

Using innovative, research-based physical, occupational and speech therapy, No Limits Academy positions a child for academic success by addressing his/her therapetic needs.

With the use of medically based therapy to promote strength, stability and movement, we are altering neural pathways for better physical and educational results. In doing this, we are also increasing oxygen to the brain which in turn promotes stimulation to the brain to maximize learning potential.

This is foundational in our education model and enables us to achieve greater results in the education of the child through the fostering of the mind-body connection.


E – Educate

No Limits Academy takes a neuro-education/whole child approach to education.  No Limits Academy is developing an educational strategy for each learner that is based upon careful evaluation and tailored to the learner’s specific needs. At No Limits Academy, we believe that equality is not to be confused with equal opportunity. All persons are not born with the same level of physical, cognitive, social and intellectual ability, but all persons are born with the right to equal opportunity to reach their full potential. This belief is foundational for our method of individualizing student instruction by evaluating them against the standard of their own personal potential and tailoring instruction to meet their physical, cognitive, social, and intellectual needs.

A – Advance

No Limits Academy is looking at the future of all children with physical and complex disabilities as we venture toward the improvements and advancements in technology combined with Neuro-Education . Improvements in our methodology as we research and develop a path to educating children with physical disabilities whether complex to mildly physically disabled the future looks bright for our children.
Advancement will be the result of rehabilitation and education being successfully synthesized. No Limits Academy creates an environment where every student can R.E.A.C.H their individual, God given potential.

C – Change

These advancements position an individual with disabilities to change the societal value placed upon their personhood by changing the way society views them as a whole.By empowering them with the resources and skills they need to write their own script in life, opportunities are now available that were otherwise not. The potential they hold for themselves and their environment will be revolutionized to a level that does not under potentialize them but sets them truthfully at a point of equal opportunity with all.

H – Handicapped

This new positioning will change the perception of the handicap from being capped to being capable. Focus shifts from the restrictions set on the physical, mental, and social abilities to what they can do.