An introduction: Cheyne Joslin

An introduction: Cheyne Joslin

Welcome to the No Limits Blog!

The goal of this blog is educate on all things involving disability. Some of the posts on here will focus on No Limits Academy: a non-profit Christian school for children with complex and physical impairments, based in Melbourne, Florida. In addition to articles about the school, I’ll also post about current social and political issues and advancements in science relating to disability. Here you will also find information that will help those with disability live their life to their full potential. Before I say more, though, I’d like to say a bit more about myself.

My name is Cheyne Joslin and I was born and raised in Florida. I received a Master’s degree in philosophy from the University of Sussex, in the U.K. I’m now teaching an introductory History of Philosophy class to high school students at No Limits Academy… but that’s only the most recent part of my story, and its connection to the school. At 18 months of age, I was diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. As quickly as they could, my parents set out to find ways to rehabilitate me, in order to make me as strong and as independent as possible. This resulted in a great deal of research about and traveling for various physical therapies and surgeries. Eventually, by the time I was 9 or 10, we encountered a new therapeutic methodology: Intensive Physical Therapy and the TheraSuit© method. These methods worked for me, and my physical strength (and thus, my independence) increased exponentially in shorter times than traditional therapeutic methods generally allowed. This eventually led to my mom opening Ability Plus Therapy, a paediatric physical therapy clinic that makes use of the aforementioned methods.

We adopted my younger brother Matthew (who also has CP) when I was nine, and within a few years he was enrolled in the same public school that I attended. Yet, my parents noticed that he was being left behind in the classroom and in his studies, because the teachers and administrators lacked a proper understanding of how best to teach Matthew and cater to his educational needs. To remedy this issue, Matt was pulled from public school and placed in small private schools for several years. This too was an unsuccessful venture, which led to the founding of No Limits Academy, in order to help my brother (and others like him) succeed in an educational environment. Over the years since the school’s inception, Matt has made great strides toward greater independence and higher learning, and is now dual-enrolled in No Limits Academy (in 11th grade) and Eastern Florida State College, currently pursuing an Associates degree.

No Limits currently consists of five classrooms, arranged by the students’ cognitive and academic levels, and serves the needs of students with cognitive impairments, physical impairments, learning disabilities, and students who are non-verbal. To best aid these students, the staff at No Limits Academy and the therapists at Ability Plus Therapy (specialists in physical, occupational, and speech) work in tandem to educate and rehabilitate our students by providing both individualized instruction and medically-based therapies. Over time, more details on these matters will be discussed through the blog, including guest-posts by leading specialist in all areas concerning disability. We hope that this blog becomes a source of education and insight for you.

Thanks for your interest in what we’re doing here at No Limits, and thanks for stopping by to read!


Cheyne Joslin  

About The Author
Cheyne Joslin is a philosopher focusing on biomedical ethics and disability rights. He has a passion for challenging current thinking on disability matters and human rights issues. He spent a year living abroad in the UK, where he defied the limitations set upon him and independently thrived, receiving his Masters in Philosophy from the University of Sussex. Currently, he teaches philosophy courses at local high school. He enjoys comic books, great music, theology, tea, and his cat, Shaddow.

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