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Meet The Team

About Us
Meet The Team

Laura Joslin

Founder/CEO- Strategist
M.O.M of two son’s with Cerebral Palsy


Roberta Neves

Physical Therapist, Clinic Director, Co-Owner of Ability Plus Therapy, Co-Founder of No Limits Academy


Cris Carey

Speech Language Pathologist, Director of Communication and Language Development


Brittany Wright

Chief of Administration

Tammy McCoy

Director of  Education, Research and Development


Tally Foster, OTD,OTR/L

Director of Sensory Integration

Laura Joslin

LauraBio1Through 38 years of real life experience, research, and investigation of her biological son Cheyne’s brain injury at birth, Laura grew to understand the methods needed to help him achieve greater independence on a physical, educational and social level while he was  growing up with a physical disability. She negotiated complex systems, both medical and educational, on a level that most do not venture to understand and timed surgeries with the intent to strategically do the minimally invasive surgeries with the greatest outcome combined with targeted therapy.  During this time, she fought and struggled to have him succeed in a world that did not view her son Cheyne as capable of physical, academic and social success. These efforts created significant advances in the life of Cheyne Joslin, who went from being a Quadriplegic (all four limbs affected) to walking on hand canes. This remarkable physical achievement helped him to excel in other areas of life: recently graduating from college with a Bachelor’s degree and moving toward his Master’s.
Without Laura’s constant striving, coupled with Cheyne’s hard work, none of this would be possible. She was not trying to cure her son, but make him more able to function physically, academically and socially.  She then felt led to adopt a son with a brain injury and start the process again. With this choice came a higher level of research and investigation, due to the differences in each child.

Not only did she seek to aid her own children in their physical rehabilitation and strengthening, but sought to improve the lives of other children with disabilities in this way, as well. This culminated in the foundation of Ability Plus Therapy Inc. which is thriving in its eleventh year of business. Children from all over the world have attended the clinic for its innovative 3-week intensive therapy program.

LauraBio3She did not stop there, but opened a state-of-the-art school for children with physical disabilities: No Limits Academy. Through her observation, investigation and negotiation of public and private school systems, a new philosophy of education is being created:  catering to the advancement and improvement of the diverse and complex physical and academic needs of children with disabilities.  With the advancements in habilitation equipment and technology, Laura and her team are creating a symbiotic relationship between medically based therapy and education, using therapy across all disciplines for one objective goal: to achieve the greatest outcome possible, on every level, for a child with a brain injury. This is the core motivation behind No Limits Academy’s philosophy of combining medically based therapy and emerging progressive pedagogy of educating learners with disabilities.

Roberta Neves

LauraBio2Roberta was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  She moved to the US with her parents in 1990. She earned a Bachelor in Health Sciences in 2001 and a Master
in Physical Therapy in 2002 from Florida International University. From 2003 to 2005, she worked at Brevard Public Schools as a physical therapist. She saw the struggles that many students experienced to participate in school. In June 2006, she became co-owner of Ability Plus Therapy with Laura Joslin.  As Laura’s son, who has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, experienced difficulty at school, as well as many other children, Laura and Roberta saw the need to start a school for children with physical impairments.  In August 2008, Roberta  co-founded No Limits Academy. Roberta’s professional expertise and Laura’s experience with her two children with cerebral palsy have helped them build an environment that promotes student learning, improves physical and cognitive performance, and increases independence.  As a physical therapist with many years of experience, Roberta realizes that, given the resources, children with physical impairments can be active members of society and can positively impact those around them.  Over the years she has learned greatly from and been encouraged by children with disabilities.  Their joy and perseverance inspires her.  Her goal with No Limits Academy is to give hope to each student to reach their God-given potential, and provide them with a future.

Cris Carey

CrisMy name is Cris Carey, I joined the team at No Limits Academy in 2009 as a speech-
language pathologist, to help initiate a program using augmentative communication in our classrooms, to enable our children to communicate their wants and needs. I have worked since then to customize our communication program for our kids at individual levels, not only for communication of wants and needs but also for academic purposes and to train the staff and families on effective use of the program. No Limits Academy is a wonderful place to be 5 days a week, watching our children grow and seeing God’s hand at work.

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26

I was born in NJ and moved to FL as a teenager. I married a military man and lived in various countries and states in the US before settling back in FL with my family. I graduated from UCF in 2005 with my bachelor’s degree and 2007 with my master’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders. My husband Chuck and I have been married for 26 years and have 2 sons. We moved to Palm Bay 11 years ago from Colorado. I spend much of my time outside of No Limits Academy in fellowship and service at Lifepoint Church.

Brittany Wright

My name is Brittany Wright and I was born and raised right here in beautiful, Brevard County. I am married to my very best friend, Shane, and we have one sweet little girl, Gwendolyn. I graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2007 with my Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and Minors in Marketing and Economics.

I’ve always enjoyed working with children and I have BrittanyBiovolunteered in the kid’s ministry at my church since 2009, teaching the four and five year olds. I joined the wonderful team at No Limits Academy in 2011 and have been blessed to be here ever since. God was definitely at work orchestrating the timing of my move to No Limits Academy.

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

In 2013, my niece Ella joined our family and was diagnosed with Trisomy 18. I can see now that the Lord had been preparing and educating me in all things special needs so I could come alongside all the families we serve at NLA as well as my sister and her husband as they transitioned into 1st time parents of a special needs child.

I’m so blessed to be able to serve here and am so thankful that God has entrusted me to do so.

Tammy McCoy

My name is Tammy L. McCoy, and I am excited and blessed to join No Limits Academy (NLA) as the Director of Education, Research, and Development. With degrees in varying disciplines and years of experience in teaching, advising, business, and neurobiofeedback research, I come to NLA with a strong belief in placing students first. I favor the utilization of an interdisciplinary approach to learning and the promotion of open communication and teamwork to encourage individual progression. Having worked with students of varying ages and levels, I can attest to the importance of NLA’s Holos method, a system that serves as the foundation for students to reach their maximum potential.

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22.6 

Although I was born in Michigan, I spent most of my early years in Connecticut.  After high school, I joined the U.S. Air Force, where I met and married my husband.  My family and I travelled all over the country and abroad, sharpening our skills and exploring different cultures.  Of all the places I’ve been, I am most excited about living and working in Brevard County, where I can be a part of the NLA team.

Tally Foster

CrisMy name is Tally Foster and I joined the team at No Limits Academy in 2014. Originally from the central Florida area, I attended the University of Florida and then received my Bachelors degree in occupational therapy from Barry University in 1996. I enjoy living on this beautiful coast with my husband, two boys, and our crew of rescued pets. I have worked with children in hospital and clinic settings over the years with a specific interest in neuro rehabilitation and sensory integration. I currently work with children at Ability Plus Therapy. I have received additional training in sensory integration treatment over the years including specific program implementation for sensory regulation and “diets” and therapeutic listening. I have also worked as an educator in occupational therapy programs teaching courses in pediatric rehabilitation and sensory integration. I completed my post-professional doctorate in occupational therapy in 2014 and now serve as a contributing faculty member for masters and doctorate level occupational therapy students in pediatric coursework. By contributing to and implementing sensory integration programs with the children at No Limits Academy, I have had the opportunity to watch such positive responses in the children’s abilities to learn and grow in an educational setting. Addressing this underlying component is an essential part of the learning process and for overall well-being and it is amazing to work with a team that embraces the whole child!

Teacher Qualifications

No Limits Academy completes a rigorous process of background screening and assessments to determine if candidates meet the NLA standard of excellence. A certified teacher is on staff at all times. All other teachers must have a Bachelor’s Degree and experience with children and/or adults with special needs, physical disabilities, or mental health disorders.